Tree Works to commence at Elford Heath

Eccleshall Parish Council are in the process of putting together a long term plan to enhance the area of Elford Heath and Pool, and initial tree works to improve the area around the pool is now due to commence w/c 7th October.

The entire project will include a comprehensive scheduled programme of tree works to the area, in order to improve the area around the pool and to ensure the trees are maintained in a good condition over the long term.

The Council are also looking into further remedial works on the pool to remove silt and excess reed mace, in order to improve water levels and water quality for aquatic life.

Due to the extent of the planned works, there will be some short term disruption to the area. The Council have taken advice from the Environment Agency and the Wildlife Trust in planning a timeline for any works in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. It is hoped that long term, this will greatly improve the area for resident use and enhance the ecology of the area.