Increased Noise Levels at Swynnerton Training Camp

The Parish Council have received the following notification from Swynnerton Training Camp

Swynnerton Training Area increased noise levels.
| am writing to inform you that there will be an increase in some types of Military training going to take place on Swynnerton Training Area that will see an increase level in the noise generated.

The use of the Swynnerton Camp and Training area has increased again and is forecast to stay busy over the coming two months. The next few weeks will see a particular increase in tempo with an increase in Traffic to and from the Camp and Area which will see the approach routes being busy at times with Military traffic.

There will be a particular increase at times of noise generated which will include us using explosive charges during the training periods in the last week of September, these will finish by no later than 1900hrs on the days in question. We are fully aware that at times the activities taking place can impact on our Neighbours, any noise that is generated will be kept to the minimum possible for the type of training being carried out.

For obvious reasons | cannot list the exact type of training taking place here but please be reassured that any unnecessary activities are not sanctioned to be carried out.

May | take this opportunity once more to thank you for your continued support and understanding whilst Military training is carried out on Swynnerton Training Area.

Training Safety Officer Swynnerton Training Camp