Eccleshall Parish Council to install Outdoor Gym Equipment

At its meeting on the 19th January, Eccleshall Parish Council considered a proposal to install outdoor gym equipment on three sites within the Parish.

Prior to the meeting, residents were asked to complete a survey in order to help inform members on whether the project would be welcomed.

Out of the 158 total respondents, 98 were in favour of the project. The main area of concern was the placing of equipment on Elford Heath.

Council members carefully considered this feedback and approved a revised proposal to move the equipment allocated to Elford and place it alongside the pieces earmarked for the Community Centre.

It is hoped the equipment will be installed in March, ready for use as the weather improves.


The pieces to be installed are:

Eccleshall Community Centre:

Combi Pull Down Challenger & Power Push

Sky Stepper

Double Health Walker

Double Squat Push

Double Pull Up

Parallel Rails.

Jubilee Playing fields off Hartlands Road (along the edge, so as not to encroach on the open space)

Double Slalom Skier

Double Health Walker

Disabled Arm & Pedal Bike.


Sunshine Gym, a local supplier, has been chosen to supply and install the equipment.


for the summary of the survey results, Please click here to view

Thank you to all who took the time to respond.