Eccleshall Parish Council proposal for Outdoor Gym equipment – what do you think?

The Parish Council is pleased to announce a proposal to install Outdoor Gym facilities. The plan is being recommended by the Enhancements Committee for Council consideration in January 2022.

This project aims to encourage and support people of all ages to come out in the fresh air, meet up socially, exercise and as a result, become healthier. Three potential sites have been identified and the proposal is to install gym equipment on all three sites, for different types of user. Sites include the Jubilee playing field at Hartlands Road (to the side of the field adjacent to Hartlands Road, to preserve the open space), Elford Heath and Eccleshall Community Centre*.

The gym equipment is designed to provide cardio fitness or to build muscle strength, all whilst improving vitamin D absorption levels. It will provide a new sense of place to meet up with friends and exercise in the outdoors.

The sites and planned equipment are as follows (note – final specification will vary slightly depending on the selected contractor).

map of proposed locations

Jubilee playing field at Hartlands Road:

Hand cycle                                                                                            Double skier


image of hand cycle                             image of double skier

Double Air Walker

image of Double health walker


Elford Heath:

Weight bearing equipment – 2 x parallel rails/ pull ups

parallel bars                                   double pull up bar


Eccleshall Community Centre:

Sky Stepper                                                                          Combi pull down

sky stepper image                      chest press image


Leg Press                                                                          Double Air Walker

leg press image                                        image of Double health walker


There is a variety of fitness equipment available on the market which are suitable for the complete novice, to the experienced athlete and there is no ‘set package’. A selection can also provide exercise for a variety of muscle groups and body parts. There is also a ‘hand-bike’ for wheelchair users.

So that as many parishioners as possible benefit, it is proposed to commission all three sites at the same time preferably to be installed in the spring March/April 2022.

The TOTAL cost of the installations on all of the three sites will be in the region of £16,000 (plus additional signage costs).

* All locations will be in adherence to Health and Safety advice.


The Parish Council thinks that the proposal will be of real benefit to the community and is inviting your views on the project and whether you are likely to use the gym equipment.

Please do take the time to click on this link to provide your views – your support is really important and it will only take a minute or two.

Please submit your comments no later than Wednesday 12 January 2022.

Thank you.